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Viva España
Big discount on Corona: 2€
Vive la France!Avis à tous les français à Riga: venez les vendredis au FrenchBar afin de nous retrouvez entre français et échanger sur nos expériences à Riga.
Win drinks and bottles: every day from 19 to 21h 
The incredible shot, of which only the French will understand the pun!
Un délicieux shot, french, qui a exactement le goût d'une madeleine
Unique in Riga 🇱🇻 : the shot of death ⒸFrenchBar 🇫🇷 come to discover and try the strongest shot in the world (vodka 80°, absinthe 70° with a drop of the strongest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper 🌶🫑): are you brave? 👊
A big party for Erasmus students